I am grateful for the kind words our members are saying about us and what we do to help them and many other authors around the world.

Below are their comments. We encourage members to tell us how we help them to grow stronger and more successful. You can send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

No author is compensated for their comments.  Authors are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Art Costello, Author & Director of The Art of Expectation "Alan is a great representative for authors has sunk his heart and soul into this organization." Art Costello, Author & Director of The Art of Expectation


Breakfield & Burkey, Award Winning Authors - B. Alan Bourgeois is committed to helping authors succeed. His Author Marketing Certification is not only unique but it provided a good learning experience as Charles and Rox grow The Enigma Series. One of our favorite avenues has been the DEAR Texas/DEAE Indie and now Indie Beacon Show interviews. We have shared our stories and learned a lot about other authors. Interesting and evolving. Thanks, Alan

Jan Sikes, Award-Winning Author - Devoted to Indie Authors - B. Alan Bourgeois is driven by a passion to help Indie Authors succeed. He works tirelessly ferreting out new opportunities and implementing new programs and ideas to ensure their success. I have never known a more dedicated and selfless individual.

Joseph Willis, Author - "Outstanding leader and media manager."

Kathleen Shields, Award-Winning Author - Imagination - The things you can accomplish, the imagination and creativity for all of the projects you’ve done – I am simply amazed.

Myra McIlvain, Award-Winning Author - Alan is a champ at keeping author members aware of book sale opportunities."

Rebecca Nietert, Author - Epic - Your services and your author support is Epic.  Some won’t understand how it is applicable to sales, but those of us who have also been doing this going on 15 years appreciate the time and effort it takes to support authors.  Please don’t get discouraged because it’s hard for people to see the benefit of using the supporting tools you provide.  What you have created is amazing.

Sherry Maysonave - Award-Winning Author - "Dedicated, fearlessly and honestly, to the success of Texas Authors!"