Level 1: Pre-Publishing Membership

Cost: $10 per month, or $100 for one year (a $20 savings).

Authors will significantly benefit from a Level 1: Pre-Publishing Membership, gaining access to a wealth of resources that lay the foundation for a successful writing career. In the Crafting Compelling Content module, they'll delve into the intricacies of storytelling through works like "Character Chronicles" and explore productivity tips with "Top Ten Keys for Successful Writing and Productivity." The Editing and Revising section provides valuable insights into technology tools with "Top Ten AI Programs Apps Authors Should Use," along with guidance on finding the right editor and avoiding common pitfalls in creating book covers. Understanding the Publishing Industry covers essential topics like the challenges authors face and navigating the complex landscape of Amazon Publishing. Building an Author Platform equips authors with skills to establish their presence, from creating a platform and mastering marketing to effective networking and personal branding. The module concludes with a deep dive into the business side of writing, exploring royalties and contracts through "Top Ten Keys to the Business of Writing." This comprehensive membership empowers authors with knowledge crucial for successfully navigating the pre-publishing stage of their writing journey.


  1. Crafting Compelling Content:

    • Character Chronicles
    • Top Ten Keys for Successful Writing and Productivity
    • Top Ten Steps to Research Like a Pro
  2. Editing and Revising:

    • Top Ten AI Programs Apps Authors Should Use
    • Top Ten Steps to Finding the Right Editor
    • Top Ten Mistakes Authors Make Creating a Book Cover
  3. Understanding the Publishing Industry:

    • Top Ten Publishing Issues Authors Deal With
    • Navigating Amazon Publishing
  4. Building an Author Platform:

    • Top Ten Steps to Create an Author Platform
    • Top Ten Steps to Market Mastery for Authors
    • Top Ten Steps to Create an Author Networking
    • Top Ten Ways to Brand Yourself as an Author
    • Top Ten Things to Consider for a Great Sales Pitch
  5. Understanding Royalties and Contracts:

    • Top Ten Keys to the Business of Writing