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September 24, 2017
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Amazon Says NO to Postivie Gay Story about History

 In my continued support of the community I belong to, I submitted a request to run an ad of a boo that I wrote, "God's Army to Purge Homosexuality" which is based on an actual event in 1997; the first gay bar bombing.  In this story, it clearly shows how members of the LeTs Bi Gay community step up and become hero's as they bring down this American terrorist group.

I wanted to make sure that the LeTs Bi Gay community knew about the previous bombing that was quietly ignored in 1997, but also to give hope to every American that Love does win out. said no to my ad.  I quote the email I received: Hello,

Thank you for submitting your ad campaign "Bourgeois's Account 06/14/2016 9:14" for review. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your ad as it contains homosexuality topic which is not suitable to general audience. As a result, your campaign will not be served. (Bolding was added for emphasis)


Can you believe this?  Amazon does not allow for a positive, life affirming book for the LeTs Bi Gay community be promoted on its web site!


Shame on Amazon!  Clearly, they are more concerned about offending the general public, then supporting their employees, and those of us from the LeTs Bi Gay community that buys from them.







Thank you to everyone who has sent kind wishes and prayers for a healthy and fast recovery from my recent surgery. While I still do not consider myself a hero, I am extremely happy to know that the choice I made has, in fact, helped a person live a longer healthier life which was the sole reason I chose to donate a kidney.




My recovery is going very well and I am back to work on schedule, as my physical health continues to recover from the operation. I am sure I will be in tip-top shape for our Book Festival Season.




During this down time, a lot of Authors stepped forward and offered to help out in a variety of ways, and I am most thankful for that. However, at the same time, our “Call to Action” was going on, and I was shocked at the lack of response from Texas authors in signing the petition requesting the State of Texas to recognize the economic value we bring to this state. Only 1 out of 4 visitors to the petition page actually signed it. While the petition has absolutely no legal value, it was a clear indication that Texas Authors wanted the state to recognize and support them. 




Authors are competing against a million newly published books per year and we need every possible advantage we can have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the State of Texas supporting us, as they do every commercial sector and other creative organizations like Dance and Art. Writing is just as much of a creative aspect as dance and art, and we, as authors, should receive the same respect they do. 




At the same time that our petition for recognition was seeking backing, a for-profit company which supports Texas authors, was also finishing up its fundraising campaign to help grow and become a better voice for Texas Authors. While they have not been very supportive of our organization, we still stepped up and showed our support for them by donating. This is a call for ‘community support’ and, in many ways, it seems to be a dying aspect of this world, but more so within the writing community. Why is that?




Larger non-profits that have been around for a long time, hesitate to support smaller non-profits, even though it’s clear that by doing so, they make their membership stronger. Are they afraid of losing their ‘clout’?  What would their members say if they learned how they’ve turned their backs by refusing to support an organization that would help them to become better authors?




We, at TxAuthors, are always ready to show support for other organizations in the best possible way. It’s a win-win for the community at large and that is the whole point of being a non-profit organization; to assist others along the way. In turn, this helps make the organization become stronger and better.




While errors are inevitable in any new organization as it grows, for people to hold it against them and talk bad about them, does not help the community or organization, but only strokes the ego of the one talking crap! We see this daily in political campaigns. Must it be the same in our own writing community?




I do not get paid for the many hours I spend daily working to build and better this organization. I do it from the same point of love and caring for my fellow man as I did for donating a kidney.  As a writer, I love what we do, and understand the value of how TxAuthors helps new and established authors grow and become better skilled at marketing their books. I love the fact that we can save authors time and money by giving them access to a great deal of information already on our website, which in turn, helps them grow faster and market their books easier. I love how the hard work I put into this program has already created buzz around the world over the unique concept and programs we do. And, last but not least, I love the fact that people are benefitting from what Texas Authors, Inc., and all our sister organizations do to help them!




But, if you don’t use what we have made available to you, then you have only yourself to blame when you don’t see increased book sales and marketing exposure.




In our continued growth, I have looked at ways of creating a community that supports each other with new or old ideas. I’ve watched how different community organizations added their own twist to make it work for them. I have built a new website that allows for members to interact with each other. I have also signed up with a new free web program that allows instant contact between authors who are working on new programs and projects designed to help the community at large. But, none of this matters because YOU don’t use it! Over 40% of our membership does not read our Author Updates. This is information that helps you, so why would you not read it? We’ve even shortened them to fit easier in your busy life, and if you did take time to read them, they would actually help make your life easier and more productive.




The old saying ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it,’ is so true. But, even with all of the negative chat about me, or about the group, or the lack of reading our Author Updates, or communicating between each other to build a better, stronger writing community in Texas, I still move forward for I know, at the end of the day, it does make a difference to Texas authors at large.




Remember, this should be a community that supports each other, and from that strength your increase of income will come…Not from back-talking and negative false rumors, but actual Team Work!




Negative breeds only more negative, but positive creates new and exciting opportunities. Stay positive and shun the negative.


South Central United States the Worst in Reading Activity

A recent report published in the Publishers Weekly magazine, broke down the United States into eight regions regarding reading activity. Of all the regions, the South Central, which includes Texas, had only a 1% increase in printed books sales. While an increase is good, the sad part is that with the high number of people moving into this region, book sales should have increased at least as much, if not more, than the highest region reported. The Pacific coast, where many of our transplants are coming from, saw a 5% increase in sales.


This is a clear indication that events such as DEAR Texas and the Super Readers program is not only necessary, but should receive overwhelming support from Texas Authors, Texas Booksellers and Texas Libraries. Working together, these organizations and members could significantly turn around the book sales numbers of the South Central region, and help with inspiring more reading and purchasing of books. But, it doesn’t stop with a state wide weekend event.


It is clear that the legislature of Texas does not support Texas Authors, nor the educational systems as it should. They have shown this with funding cuts and legal battles which force school districts to spend money on lawyers and not on students. The end result is that Texas authors, booksellers and libraries must pick up the pieces of a failed education system. This additional pressure and the high expenses can only be met in one way. Team Work!


The library systems need to support their regional and state authors, as does each type of bookseller who does business in Texas. By supporting them, the increased share in market sales leads to a stronger economic impact in sales tax and other financial benefits, which in turn, improves the education system.


Supporting local authors does not mean that booksellers or libraries stop purchasing well known books. It simply means they are willing to open their facilities so that local authors have more opportunities to do speaking engagements as well as display and promote local author’s books, which in turns equates to more sales.


At the same time, it is up to the author to learn how to better market their books and work with organizations which support and help them get their books into various locations. All sides are in fact responsible to the other, no one side can be expected to do all the work. Team Work!


Based on our un-official survey of Texas authors, we saw a decrease in marketing expenses by 17% from 2014 to 2015. This decrease was partially due to the high cost of attending book festival events and the decrease in profits by 7%, thus forcing authors to restrict what events they attend. This, in turn, hurts communities across Texas both in financial impact and lack of new reading material these authors have to offer.


With an estimated 6,000 published Texas authors, and over 120 book stores, there is absolutely no reason why they cannot support each other, which in turn supports the sales tax and donation base for public libraries and schools.


We challenge our Governor and the State Legislature to publicly support the Indy authors, Indy bookstores and Indy publishers of Texas in a large way. Sadly, when Governor Abbot was give three opportunities to do so in 2015, he and his staff chose to ignore those opportunities. This sends a clear signal to Texas authors that they are not appreciated, nor is their financial impact to the state, valued at $188 million, of any concern to the governing body of the state.


Texas has a long and colorful history on so many levels, that it makes sense to support those industries over the long term. Yet, Texas authors have basically been ignored even though they are the ones on the front lines of education supporting and encouraging people of all ages to read more. We cannot afford to ignore these pioneers and educators any longer. Their value to the economy of Texas is strong, as is their value to our education system. It is past time for them to receive the support from our state leaders as the oil companies, railroads, farmers and tech industries have received for years.


Numbers count. If you agree that our government should get behind Indy Authors and the industry surrounding them, in the State of Texas, take a minute to find out who your Legislators and Senators are. Then, write to them, along with our Governor asking for their support. You are welcome to quote any of the statistics listed in this article.


Together we can make a difference! Please click here to sign our petition asking the State of Texas to recognize Texas Authors as they do through their GoTexan campaign for Texas made products.




New French Vending Machines Dispense Free Short Stories

New French Vending Machines Dispense Free Short Stories




Eight “Short Edition” vending machines are being set up throughout Grenoble, France to dispense free short stories to the reading public.




By Dennis Abrams, Publishing Perspective




At Digital Trends, Lulu Chong looked at something new in vending machines: the Short Edition machines set up in Grenoble France under the leadership of the city’s mayor, Green Party member Eric Piolle.




Eight of these machines will be located throughout the center of the city. Stories are printed free of charge, and readers can select between one, three, or even five-minute stories.




The machines are the brainchild of Christophe Sibieude, the publisher of start-up Short Edition, whose app, with over 140,000 subscribers “powers the vending machines with users themselves creating content for the printouts.”




“The idea came to us in front of a vending machine containing chocolate bars and drinks,” Sibieude told the AFP. “We said to ourselves that we could do the same thing with good quality popular literature to occupy these little unproductive moments.”




But according to Sibieude, Piolle gets a good deal of the credit.




“We are trying to re-imagine the city center as a place of shared experiences,” the mayor said in an interview with the AFP. “We are trying to launch a revolution, and the objective is to build a wider and calmer downtown area.”




At this time the Short Edition vending machines are only available in Grenoble, but the company has high hopes for its future. “We are getting a lot of requests from all over the world for this invention,” Short Edition co-founder Quentin Pleple told the RT. “Once we sort out our costs, we will ship these machines anywhere – for maybe a month, several months or even for a few years.”




Imagine a city center filled with people not glued to their phones, but to actual paper reading an actual short story.




Pretty damn cool if you ask me.