Reasons Why Homelessness will Never Get Fixed

On June 1, 2023, the author of the book “Help the Homeless Find Homes: How the Public Can Help Reduce and Reverse Homelessness” created the Help the Homeless Find Homes Foundation*, Inc., as a way to create fundraising programs and to direct funds to organizations around the world that support and help get homeless people off the streets.

Over the years we will be adding programs, products, etc., that are designed to help raise awareness and funds for this foundation.

Please visit the items available in the following links:

The Book (Click on the cover to learn more) 


We welcome any donations you would like to make.  Click here

Celebrate 4th of July T-shirts & the 2024 Vote Woke T-shirts are raising money for the foundation.

A Clothing line and other products will be added soon.


Thank you for your support!


*The Foundations 501.c.3 IRS status and a nonprofit organization is pending. The Nonprofit incorporation papers have been filed in the State of Texas on June 1, 2023.