It doesn’t matter if you are Pro or Anti Donald Trump, this book is for you! Award Winning Author B Alan Bourgeois has been actively involved in the publishing world for 30 years in a variety of ways and this book brings that hard work together for everyone to benefit from.

The commentary is not political but directed to the publishing world and readers of great literature. It is a book that can be used to inspire reading and writing.

“In the ‘The Last Book About Donald Trump’, B Alan Bougeois exposes the circus of media frenzy which serves sensationalism over content. In this book Mr. Bougeois directs all authors back to the legitimacy of great writing through applicable resources. This book is a MUST READ for those who want to put tabloids down and produce a great work by first reading ‘The Last Book About Donald Trump,’ then writing their own great book!” Rebecca Nietert—Author/Publisher

This is a timely, interesting approach to encouraging current and emerging authors to think out of the box with real ideas and real feeling which they can use to change the world. Imagination is more than a picture and cryptic words which often need translation outside of a narrow circle of friends. Literacy is far more than a soundbite! Take up the challenge and make the world better! Breakfield and Burkey – Award-Winning Author Team.

"It's time for indie authors to take back the attention of readers and this book shows you how." Jan Sikes – Award-Winning Author

"Go beyond the ten-second Trump dodge ball headlines and tweets and rediscover the wonderfully diverse world of books and reading." Rich Allan, Award-Winning Author

“The Last Book About Donald Trump brings to light the importance of a return to reading and beyond to great literature. Its persuasion for diversity of public media information in a more civil setting and return to educate instead of advocate is made with an attention-getting sounding board.” Dr. T F Grooms – Award-Winning Author

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