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September 24, 2017
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On June 12th a bombing occurred in Orlando, FL at the Pulse nightclub.  This is the second time an act of terrorism has occurred in a gay bar.  The first one was in Feb 1997 in Atlanta, GA at The Otherside.  This event was on the news for just a few hours before it was swiped under the rug by the morning news cycle.  The perpetrator of the Georgia event was never convicted for this crime, even though he had been captured and is serving time in prison for other crimes.


On June 12th, Chapter One Podcast had been scheduled to air my interview about the Georgia event that I wrote about in my book God’s Army to Purge Homosexuality and the subsequent books.  When the producer of the show Demethius Jackson heard about what had happened in Florida, he re-recorded his intro to the show, then released the show.


I encourage people to listen to my interview as we talk not only about Georgia, but also about my other books, and the various programs that I do to help promote authors in a variety of ways.


As of 2016, June Pride is no longer about our history of the Stonewall riots, but now we add the Pulse massacre.  Every humane has an inherent right to love whom they choose, as long as it does not harm the person they love.  Therefore, for people who claim to represent a religious group or thought, should not force people to live by their standards through the act of hatred.  That completely negates what God/Universe is all about.  Love is a positive creative and caring energy that improves life, it does not diminish life!



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