For hundreds of years it was considered that a true author is one that is published by a publishing house, usually out of New York City or another large city and even then, they are still attached to one of the big names.


With self-publishing and print on demand, the concept of only being able to be published traditionally has changed. In this session, we analyze what publishing means today. Which form of publishing you should consider: Traditional, Hybrid or Self-publishing.


Finally, we look at the hard numbers of what it cost to be a published author, no matter what direction you choose to get published under.


The question “To Publish or Not to Publish? becomes “How to Publish”


Bourgeois has been a published writer since 1987 and has done both traditional and self-publishing. He has owned his own publishing house helping to publish 60 books for authors around the world. He is the founder and leader of the largest membership organization in the world that is dedicated to helping authors to learn how to market and sell themselves: Authors Marketing Guild, LLC


Below is a short video of what is discussed during the session.

Bourgeois Media - Player (Pub)