For hundreds of years it was considered that a true author is one that is published by a publishing house, usually out of New York City or another large city and even then, they are still attached to one of the big names. But that has changed due to Print on Demand.

In this session, we review the various types of publishing that are currently available to authors, along with the pros and cons of each one. We then dive into the cost of being a published author regardless of which option you have chosen to be published. By the end of the session, you have gone from the To Publish or Not to Publish question to How to Publish which is right for you.

B. Alan Bourgeois is the founder of several organizations that help the author to succeed no matter which road they have chosen. He has become an author advocate working hard to help ensure success for authors on many platforms. Join him at this session and learn a great deal about being a published author.

Below is a short video of what is discussed during the session.

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