Attraction Marketing for Authors: 6 Step Method to DOMINATE Your Genre

Written by B Alan Bourgeois from guidance by Brian Finale – Revised for authors on July 15, 2019

In this session, you will learn the following items.

Attraction Marketing for Authors Method: Table of Contents:

Step 1 – Brand YOU…YOU are the ONE!

Step 2 – Define Your Audience

Step 3 – Understand Your Audience’s Biggest Challenges

Step 4 – Create Content that Addresses Your Audience's Desires

Step 5 – Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Step 6 – Embrace Multiple Income Streams

Get Off Your Ass


Below is a sample of what is discussed in the session.

Bourgeois Media - Player (Att Mkt)

Attractive Marketing Sample

Bourgeois Media - Player (ICG)

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