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September 24, 2017
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GoTexan Claims Texas Authors Books are NOT a Texas Made Product


Last year, we (Texas Authors, Inc.) had the first display of Texas Authors books at the great State Fair of Texas. It was a historical event, as Texas Authors were never promoted in this way. Prior to this, if you saw a book at the fair, it was tied to another product such as jams, or food related.


We were proud to have that display in the GoTexan General Store and were just as eager to do it again this year, with more Texas Authors books on display. Because we were a member of GoTexan we were able to arrange this. 


However, when I received a call from the GoTexan team, I was shocked and dismayed at what I was told. In short, books created by Texas Authors are not considered to be a Texas made product! When I asked for a more detailed explanation, I was told that the book not only had to be printed in Texas but,also the paper and ink had to be made in Texas. That logic completely removes ALL Texas Authors from having a book considered as Texas-Made!


To put such restrictions on our books is completely ridiculous. But, as I also learned from other sources, the real reason the GoTexan team made this move was to make space for their more profitable agricultural products. Giving space to us would take away from farmers and others in their organization.


Once again it shows that Texas does not support its State’s Author group, which is the second largest group in the country. The governor declined three opportunities to meet with us at events in 2015. Add in the fact the Texas Commission of the Arts spent $7 million this year, and writing programs only received 0.013 percent of that budget, it is no wonder that we have to hold down two jobs to be able to create wonderful books.


I am currently collaborating with a member of the Texas House of Representatives to gain recognition for Texas Authors during the 2017 session. We are planning a day, in March 2017, for Texas Authors to show up in force at the State Capital. As soon as the date is scheduled, I will let everyone know. I issue a challenge to every Texas author to show up at the State Capital on that day and also to spread the word to all authors residing in our great state. It will be an unprecedented opportunity to let our governing body know that we not only exist but, also contribute over $250 million to the Texas economy. We are entitled to our fair share of monetary support from Texas.


We are developing a letter campaign which will include each Texas Senator and HR member for you, the author, to send requesting their support. The fact is, you are competing against 1 million authors around the country, and every bit of help you can get to promote your books is needed. If they can support other art programs, they can support us Authors!




Please join us. Be a part of our voice as a whole. The power of people uniting for a cause has been proven over and over again. This is our chance to be heard!