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September 24, 2017
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 In my continued support of the community I belong to, I submitted a request to run an ad of a boo that I wrote, "God's Army to Purge Homosexuality" which is based on an actual event in 1997; the first gay bar bombing.  In this story, it clearly shows how members of the LeTs Bi Gay community step up and become hero's as they bring down this American terrorist group.

I wanted to make sure that the LeTs Bi Gay community knew about the previous bombing that was quietly ignored in 1997, but also to give hope to every American that Love does win out. said no to my ad.  I quote the email I received: Hello,

Thank you for submitting your ad campaign "Bourgeois's Account 06/14/2016 9:14" for review. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your ad as it contains homosexuality topic which is not suitable to general audience. As a result, your campaign will not be served. (Bolding was added for emphasis)


Can you believe this?  Amazon does not allow for a positive, life affirming book for the LeTs Bi Gay community be promoted on its web site!


Shame on Amazon!  Clearly, they are more concerned about offending the general public, then supporting their employees, and those of us from the LeTs Bi Gay community that buys from them.