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The Last Book on Donald Trump: Here’s Why

Human nature is drawn to stare and question the absurd, the tragic, and the misfortunate. In many respects, that’s what the world is doing when it comes to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. No matter if you are pro or anti-Donald Trump.

Through this process of ogling at or admiring the President, the publishing world has made a fortune from publishing tabloid books about him, as well as many news organizations that have given this President more press coverage than any other president in recorded history for his short time in office.

However, while even the President's fortunes continue to grow from this tabloid press coverage and the ever-growing number of books about him and his presidency, we as Indie Authors say enough is enough!

We demand that the publishing world step back and turn those profits back into the true nature of what they were created to do. And that is to promote great works of art by writers, instead of dumbing down the citizens of the world with tabloid books on this man.

Therefore, this is the last book about Donald Trump, and hopefully, the first of many books that will once again turn reading back into a fun, peaceful, and educational past time that relieves stress, promotes thought, and fosters imagination. Let’s once again allow those that strive to create greatness through the words they write on paper to take center stage. It does not matter if it is from traditionally published authors or indie authors. There are over one million books published each year that deserve attention, respect and the right to be purchased.

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