When the world is faced with a new level of evolution, two things can happen. It can be good or it can be bad. This is a story of how these two forces must come to terms with their powers and to deal with that humanistic nature of what is good or bad.

Author B. Alan Bourgeois has written a faced pace novel about the new level of evolution known as the Star Children or the Indigo Children. This is a story of a man who tries to redeem himself by teaching these children how to use their powers for good. Sadly though, he blew his first chance and it has come back to haunt him.

Press Review

Children of powerful people start killing their parents. Anxious to understand, the U.S. government calls in Phillip and his team of Indigo Children. Phillip quickly realizes his earliest protégé (and ex-lover) is behind the murders. Set partly in Houston by a local author, this is a tale of good versus evil, redemption, and second chances. Much as I want to say I don't really like this book, I found it difficult to put down.

OutSmart Magazine (April 2009 - Vol 16 No 2)

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