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Never judge a book by its cover

A Private Investigator and a Bodyguard are asked to go undercover to infiltrate a terrorist group.  

Nothing out of the ordinary here, except that the Private Investigator is Gay and the Bodyguard is a lesbian and the terrorists' sole purpose is to eradicate homosexuals in the United States. 

Press Review

Despite this seeming ambivalence, I must admit that I enjoyed the bloody thing. I fell immediately in lust with Brent Walsh, and am desperate to have Nicole McCormick become my new best friend. I turned each page, desperate to see what would happen next, and I finished the novel sincerely hoping that it would not be the last time that Nicole and Brent were teamed together to right wrongs, defend the defenseless and preserve the American way.

God’s Army to Purge Homosexuality is a good beginning to what I’m sure Alan Bourgeois would love to be a long and fruitful writing career. With time, and the natural seasoning that comes with it, I’m sure that he will realize that goal. Until then, his first effort is just the ticket for a leisurely read by the pool or at the shore during the hot summer months ahead. (June 1987 – TWiT Magazine)

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